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You Have the Right to Know

When the county or the bank forecloses on your property - would it make sense to pay them EXTRA money for the “good service" they provided you with the money you are entitled to?

We believe that each and every citizen has the right to know this and that is why we want to join our forces and help you recover your funds after the foreclosure.

  • You already know that if you don't pay taxes to the county or mortgage to the bank - your house will be taken away

  • You also probably know that properties that end up in foreclosure are often sold at auctions to the highest bidder.

  • BUT did you know that once the house is sold for more than what is owed to the bank or the county - the leftover money should go back to the previous homeowner?

If you are one of the homeowners whose house went under foreclosure - reach out! Or if you know someone that went through this - tell them about us!

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Don’t Let Your Money Stay Unclaimed

We want to make sure that the Government isn’t silent about this anymore.

They won’t hide this information from you, but they sure won’t call to tell you that you have some money waiting for you.

And why is that?

Simply because if the money stays unclaimed for too long - they have the right to it.

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